Tool Crib Management: Vendor Managed Inventory

Blue Point Tool specializes in tool crib management and vendor managed inventory, using state-of-the-art Autocrib equipment. autocrib-vx1000-1

Save Money and Time  AutoCrib industrial vending machines slash your inventory expenses, increases your worker productivity, by putting the tools you need now on your shop floor for immediate availability with no wasted downtime. You take-charge of your inventory with unprecedented control so you can manage your inventory investment more effectively.

Turnkey solution. Choose Blue Point for your Tool Crib Management and enjoy a completely integrated turnkey solution including: software, machines configuration and setup, training, integration to manage inventory in real-time, and ongoing service and support.

How it works

Log in: Employees access the Autocrib system by using their employee badge or employee number.

Select item: Users then selects the item they want.

Dispense: The Autocrib system will automatically move the item into position and open the door.

Optional: A PIN can also be required as well as prompts to track overhead data like Department Number, Job Number, Customer Number, Tail Number, etc...


  • 24-7 Availability - With security and accountability
  • Variable bin size - Customized to your exact needs
  • Vend almost any item, type, or size - Issue large, small, or delicate items without item dropping!
  • Control reconditioned items - Force the use of reconditioned items first
  • Universal search - Search for any item plant-wide
  • Gage Management - Deny access to a serialized gage that has fallen out of its calibration cycle
  • Multilingual - Support for other languages
  • Field reconfigurable - Bin configurations for a variety of item sizes and optional field-configurable bins are available so you can easily change bin types with just one screw!
  • Full user access support - Supports proximity cards, key fobs, mag-stripe cards, barcodes, keypad/PINs
  • Over 200 standard reports!


  • You can limit the use of any item to a specific quantity per day, week, or month
  • EDI - Advanced ship notices (ASN) via EDI
  • ERP system support - Interface with many popular ERP systems (SAP, JDE, Baan, etc...)
  • Alerts - Get inventory alerts, and send email reports to any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • RoboCrib® sends instant alerts to the supervisor, when a job is out of process because of abnormal tool usage.
  • Limit employee access by dollar amount, departmental budget, or time restrictions by shift
  • Control access by allowing items to only be used on specific jobs
  • Track lot numbers
  • Deny access to a serialized gage that has fallen out of its calibration cycle
  • Automatic door "baffles" prohibit access to adjacent bins.
  • Touch screen buttons are programmable for each user, so each user sees only the functions relevant to him/her
  • Users can select: Issue, Locate, Phys (Physical Count), Return, Stock, Maintain
  • Omni directional bar-code reader for scanning employee ID, job number, department number, etc.
  • Search by item code, description or classification within the machine
  • Filtering tool helps find correct tool for the job, and limit the tools available or specific to each job. Restricts tool choices to ensure user finds the right tools for the job. System will walk user through the issue process, selectively reducing the number of items that can be issued to that user based on answers to questions regarding department, machine, and job.
  • Search for any item in any vending machine or tool crib in the AutoCrib system, from the touch screen, using AutoCrib software
  • View pictures of items to confirm or locate the correct tool
  • Control access by item, dollars for a departmental budget, dollars for an employee budget, quantity of individual items by employee, individual items by job, and employee shift
  • Complete calibration control: Gage Calibration Center
  • Complete serial number tracking and access control
  • Complete lot control
  • Force the use of reconditioned items
  • FOD (Foreign Object and Debris) control (system-wide, as well as max number of item on the floor per user)
  • Dispense the same item in different package quantities with the same item code (maintains accurate usage history, and aggregates the spend based on one item code)
  • No need for individual repackaging of items - Save time and money with every re-stock
  • Fastest retrieval time: Access any item in less than 10 seconds!
  • Automates purchase orders - It even calculates the lead times
  • Computer: PC Intel Core i3 Processor, 12.1" diagonal color SVGA TFT touch screen display
  • Bar Code Scanner: Universal omni-directional wedge-type laser scanner
  • TCP/IP-Ethernet Compatible
  • 15 levels: Access to each level is controlled by an electronically-locked door, door aperture automatically sized to fit selected bin size Injection molded polypropylene trays
  • 3AMP, 120 VAC 60Hz or 230 VAC 50Hz
  • Operating Temperature range of 10°C to 38°C (50°F to 100°F) in still air (75% R.H. non-condensing) or stored in a range of -18°C to 68°C (0°F to 155°F)
  • Any tray assembly can easily be changed out
  • Return bin for dull tools
  • Optional frameless doors to accommodate larger items vertically
  • Optional ScaleMate™ - weighing scale to increase security for multiple items in a single bin
  • Optional Caster Wheels - Makes your RoboCrib physically mobile.
  • 12-month warranty

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