BIG Kaiser

BIG Kaiser professionals compliment the world's finest tools with world class service and sales support. BIG Kaiser's 33,000 square foot suburban Chicago headquarters stocks over 400 modular tool components, most of them available for overnight delivery anywhere in the United States. The H.Q. also houses BIG Kaiser's United States product demonstration and training center. Damaged tools go to BIG Kaiser's full service repair shop for speedy renovation, replacements are available overnight if needed. BIG Kaiser's trained and experienced field application team is ready to assist with any manufacturing problem that may arise.

The BIG Kaiser modular boring tool system includes twin cutter rough boring heads, single cutter finish boring heads, balanceable and automatic balancing heads for high speed applications, large diameter boring, indexable drills, spade drills, tapping attachments, chamfering tools and modular tool holder components that make it possible to configure a cost-effective, precision solution to any tooling problem.

Precision tool measurement and presetting systems include the Diaset and Speroni systems. The entry level Diaset line of contact digital tool measuring and presetting stations are perfect for basic presetting and measuring needs. The more technologically advanced Speroni systems, with non-contact measurement and presetting capabilities utilizing projectors and vision systems are designed for DNC and CIM applications. Speroni tool room management systems are designed to reduce tool management time by putting the right tool in the right place at the right time.

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