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Royal Products

For over 60 years, Royal Products has been designing and building precision metalworking accessories to help manufacturers squeeze every last drop of performance out of their machine tools. Royal Products broad product line consists of hundreds of high-performance tooling and workholding products that are easy to install, reasonably priced, and built rock-solid to handle the toughest jobs. Some of the innovative products …

Sowa Tool

Over the years, Sowa has built a solid business as a leading distributor of industrial equipment and supplies. Specializing in four basic areas – cutting tools, precision tools, abrasives and machine tool accessories..


TE-CO is a leading manufacturer of tooling components providing solutions for workholding within manufacturing companies for over 75 years. TE-CO’s line of premium workholding products include: clamps & clamping kits, toggle clamps, jig and fixture kits, flange nuts, coupling nuts, flat washers, leveling pads, spring plungers, ball plungers, Toolex® machinist vises, Toolex® machinist vise jaws, and other machine vise accessories, …


YGI makes Drills, Taps, End Mills, Spade Drills and Rotary Tooling, and they are known as the fastest growing company in this industry. High worker productivity has allowed them to have strong growth over the last 22 years. Only the highest quality materials and machinery are used in the manufacturing of their products. YG-1 U.S.A. office and warehouse is located …